BEFORE you have any treatment
or take any drug for your heart,
you must read this startling
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Urgent Medical Briefing Report Exposes

"Six Heart Treatment Hoaxes That Kill!"

"Do you know that eight out of every 10 coronary bypass surgeries are done on patients who likely WON'T benefit. What a RIP-OFF!

"Why such abuse? Because a coronary bypass graft costs more than $60,000—and that's a quick way for a heart surgeon to get a new Mercedes or pay for his kid's college tuition.

"But it's time you knew the truth about today's popular heart treatments—the truth that's being suppressed... plus, discover new natural secrets for reversing heart disease such as...

  • The amazing "super nutrient" cardiologists hope you never discover!
  • The Japanese natural blood thinner that works like magic!
  • How to "sweat" away your heart problems. Remarkable but true.
  • Grow new blood vessels on your heart? It's possible with the help of one little–known amino acid.
  • And many more new natural secrets for protecting and healing your heart!

Dear Friend,

I've sent you this urgent Email Medical Alert for three lifesaving reasons...

  1. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), nearly 70 percent of the U.S. population has some sort of heart disease.
  2. Most people are being duped when it comes to popular heart treatments. They're being charged for overpriced, outdated treatments that don't work, are unnecessary or can even kill.
  3. There are scores of new natural cures and remedies for heart disease and heart problems that are being suppressed because they're so effective and so affordable.

If anybody should know about the failure of traditional heart treatments, it's me. I started having heart problems in my 30s, and have had three heart attacks. Things got so bad, my doctors told me I'd die without bypass surgery.

I refused their "cut and poison" treatments because I knew their failure rate and you know what... I've outlived all of my doctors! The key? Knowing powerful natural heart cures and treatments you'll read about in this Medical Briefing. I'll tell you more about the treatments in a moment. But first, you need to know about the newest natural heart cures...

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The Shocking Failure Rate of Conventional
Heart Treatments in America

"Data from several clinical trials is clear: Bypasses and angioplasties don't prolong life or prevent future heart attacks, except in a minority of patients with severe heart disease."

Did you know that every 34 seconds somebody dies of a heart attack in the U.S.? For 50 percent of heart attack victims there were no warning signs—the first symptom is death! And sadly, 1 million Americans die each year from hardening of the arteries.

Because of these statistics—and because I've seen the mountains of research and clinical trials proving heart problems can be relieved, even reversed, naturally—I've written a new Special Medical Briefing Report that finally gives you the real story on heart disease.

I've titled it: Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart. As you're about to see, this exclusive report...

  • Reveals new natural secrets for avoiding a heart attack and reversing heart disease...
  • Exposes the biggest heart treatment hoaxes and rip-offs in America today...
  • Gives you the sobering facts about traditional heart treatments nobody else has dared tell you...
  • Here's an advanced preview of what you'll get in this must-read Special Medical Briefing Report, starting with...

Heart Hoax No. 1: Coronary bypass surgery is your best option when your arteries are choked with plaque.


Coronary bypass surgery for atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is BIG business in America. Cardiologists do more than 400,000 bypasses a year, helping to fuel the $200 billion-a-year high–tech heart industry in this country.

A bypass surgery creates a detour or "bypass" around clogged, hardened arteries to restore blood flow to your heart using veins grafted from other parts of your body. But what heart surgeons aren't telling you is...

  • Up to 85 percent of bypass surgeries are done on patients who don't meet the criteria for this surgery.
  • In its journal, the American Medical Association admits that 44 percent of all coronary bypass surgeries are performed for inappropriate reasons.
  • As many as HALF of all bypass surgeries fail, requiring another bypass!
  • Recuperations from this highly invasive surgery can take months, and some patients suffer lifetime impairments such as memory loss, chronic inflammation, even depression!
  • There's zero proof that bypass surgery does much more than relieve heart pain, except in 15 percent of patients with very specific heart problems.
  • Up to 30 percent of vein grafts become blocked within one year.
  • The risk of death from bypass surgery can be as high as 15 percent, according to the Natural Health and Lung Institute.

But on page 8 of my new Special Medical Briefing Report, Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart, you'll discover...

The amazing "super nutrient"
cardiologists hope you never discover!

It's a non-surgical heart therapy that's been a miracle to thousands of people including me. It's called Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP), and it's proven to be an excellent first option before bypass surgery.

It's been hailed as the "super nutrient" because it...

  • Improves blood flow around any of your clogged arteries.
  • Improves oxygen flow to your heart.
  • Speeds up the formation of new arteries in and around your heart.

That's right, EECP triggers the spontaneous growth and development of brand new arteries in and around your heart to pump it up to new heights. And that can give you a greatly improved quality of life!

Studies Back Up its Remarkable Success

EECP was first developed some 50 years ago at Harvard University. Since that time, studies collected at leading universities suggest patients using EECP...

  • Have less chest (angina) pains...
  • Need fewer anti-angina medications...
  • Can walk farther without chest pain...
  • Can reclaim their lives, resuming work and enjoying more social activities.

Continued below...

Got stents?
You'll likely need more!

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation reports that out of 100 patients who get drug-coated stents implanted in their hearts, 90 will need a repeat procedure. Read how to restore blood flow to your heart, naturally, in Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart.

A $39.95 Value—
get it today for FREE!

And the best part is it's so easy and painless you can even read, talk on your cell phone or take a nap while undergoing the therapy... plus it's completely safe with no side effects. And in many cases, EECP is paid for by Medicare and Blue Cross.

So why isn't EECP making headline news? Because it costs just a fraction of the typical $75,000 for a coronary bypass. No wonder EECP is being suppressed by heart surgeons and big hospitals across the country.

Plus, you'll read about other cutting-edge natural heart–healing breakthroughs such as...

  • How 500 mgs of this B vitamin a day can keep you blood clot free! Page 26.
  • Cut your risk of heart attack or death by 30 percent. No doctors or drugs needed. Just eat this yummy food once a week, page 46
  • Want a healthy heartbeat and clear arteries? Then you must take this mineral each day. Deficiency of it is an unrecognized epidemic in America, page 50.
  • Why Japanese have fewer heart attacks than Americans. They keep their blood thin to avoid clots with this potent natural enzyme,
    page 4.
  • Nature's antidote for arrhythmia! Reset an irregular heartbeat with this potent, yet safe vitamin complex, page 53.
  • And many more new and scientifically proven secrets for reversing atherosclerosis, protecting your heart and adding years to your life—safely and naturally!

Continued below...

A side effect of bypass surgery: Mental decline?

The New England Journal of Medicine warns that brain damage is a common complication of a coronary bypass. After five years of bypass, 23 percent of patients showed abnormal mental decline. Other research puts the risk of diminished mental capacity after bypass surgery as much as 42 percent! See page 8 for nature's bypass alternative.

A $39.95 Value—
get it today for FREE!

I also want to warn you about...

Heart Hoax No. 2: Angiograms are the unquestioned
"gold standard" for determining your risk of a
heart attack or heart disease.


The fact is, coronary angiograms, the tool most revered by heart surgeons, are not all they're cracked up to be. As I'll now explain, they can be highly inaccurate!

As you may know, an angiogram is an x-ray image of your arteries to show whether a blood vessel is blocked, constricted or malformed. A dye is injected into your arteries to pinpoint the location and extent of any blockages.

The problem is, a shocking study by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute reveals that "inaccurate assessments of angiograms are common." In fact, their study showed that angiograms are only accurate within 25 percent of actual degree of arterial closure!

Worse, doctors who perform angiograms tell patients if blockages are found, an angioplasty (clearing restricted arteries with a balloon) will be done and/or stents will be implanted at the same time.

So a $7,000 angiogram can quickly become a $28,000 angioplasty!

What you're not hearing is an eye-opening study reported in Talk to the Nation revealed that a healthy lifestyle and prescription heart drugs could be just as effective as undergoing an angioplasty and having stents implanted.

In this study, 2,300 patients with stable heart disease were divided into two groups. Both groups were given drugs to control cholesterol and blood pressure and to minimize blood clots, and all patients were counseled to lose weight, exercise and stop smoking. One group also underwent angioplasty and had stents implanted. The results? There were no additional benefits of having the angioplasty and stents implanted!

According to Harvard Medical School, nearly one in three angioplasties are "completely inappropriate" according to established guidelines!

Continued below...

Harvard reports dangerous truth about angioplasties!

Of 543 angioplasties examined by Harvard Medical School, about 66 percent of the people undergoing them should expect no benefit! In my new Special Medical Briefing Report, discover the best natural alternatives to angioplasty that not only work better, but are safer and less expensive.

A $39.95 Value—
get it today for FREE!

If that's not bad enough, catheters used in an angioplasty can disrupt plaque, releasing small pieces that can block smaller blood vessels. And an angioplasty can tear your arteries and even trigger a heart attack or stroke!

With inaccurate test results, poor surgical results and unseen hazards like these, I made sure you got the real story in Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart.

Only here will you discover better and safer options for determining your heart disease and/or heart attack risk and clearing clogged arteries, including...

  • The simple blood test that indicates early signs of heart disease and stroke. Yet most people never have it done, page 46.
  • Normal cholesterol means you're safe from a heart attack, right? Wrong! Many studies show heart attack patients have normal cholesterol. See page 46 for the real cause.
  • How to thin your blood without aspirin or medications and dissolve clots before they do their damage, page 4.
  • The level of this amino acid in your body is now considered to be a more accurate indicator of heart risk than high cholesterol. Page 7.
  • Flush your arteries clear and feel like you have a new heart! Results? Angina, improved... pain in legs, gone... legs and feet, saved from amputation. Page 50.
  • Why a sudden change of vision or jaw pain could mean you have heart problems. See page 5 for 16 lesser–known symptoms of a weak heart.
  • Want arteries free of gunk? Then take this pennies-a-day vitamin to banish clogged arteries and strengthen thinning bones, page 41.
  • Plus dozens more natural secrets for determining your real risk of heart disease and for reversing clogged arteries.

Continued below...

Shocking failure rate of angioplasties!

As many as HALF of coronary arteries forced open by balloon angioplasties close up within one year! But find out remarkable natural alternatives in Cutting-Edge Natural Secrets For Healing Your Heart.

A $39.95 Value—
get it today for FREE!

You also need to be alerted to...

Heart Hoax No. 3: The more aggressively you treat heart problems, the better!


Did you know that heart surgeons in the U.S. make 150 percent more money than the President of the U.S.? That's right. It's not uncommon for U.S. heart surgeons to make more than $1 million a year.

And why not, with sky-high price tags on aggressive heart treatments such as these...

  • Coronary bypass graft... $60,853.
  • Open heart surgery... $79,795.
  • Three drug-eluting stents implanted and one week in the hospital... $112,858.
  • Heart valve surgery... $100,000.
  • Prescription heart medications... $400 a month.

You can see how easy it would be for a heart surgeon to make more than a million dollars a year—and then some!

And with insurance companies often picking up a big part of the tab, people are more willing to agree to these types of aggressive heart treatments.

But what the rich heart surgeons don't
want you to know is... sometimes DOING NOTHING works just as well as surgery!

In a shocking study revealed by Harvard Medical School, two groups of patients with heart problems were either given laser surgery to improve blood flow or a "placebo" surgery (that is, they thought they were getting surgery, but no surgery was done).

Patients who received the laser surgery had significantly less pain and improved heart function, but so did those who had no surgery. The "placebo" surgery worked just as well, and even better, after 30 months, this placebo effect was still there.

This is why Dr. David Walters, chief of cardiology at UC San Francisco says, "The overwhelming number of heart procedures done these days do not affect patients' life spans at all."

In case after case I've seen, a conservative approach is often better or just as effective as more aggressive approaches to heart disease. And in my Special Medical Briefing Report, Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart, you'll discover safe, conservative, do-no-harm alternatives such as...

  • Three low-cost, zero-risk nutrients that make you nearly immune to heart disease. Based on findings at Harvard University. Page 7.
  • The bypass surgery so safe and non-invasive, it's done on a beating heart. No stopped heart or heart-lung machine. Proven effective in more than 500 cases with no heart attacks, strokes or death. Page 15.
  • Add this potent nutrient to conventional heart therapy and boost the survival rate of congestive heart failure by 200 percent! Proven in a six–year study at University of Texas. Page 24.
  • The garlic cure for thick, sludgy blood? You bet,
    page 26.
  • How to reset the normal rhythm of your heart during a heart attack. But you must do this within 10 seconds. Page 42.
  • The water cure for a failing heart. Why the simple act of drinking more water can help heal your heart. A scientific fact totally ignored by the Medical Establishment, page 47.
  • And dozens more safe, easy secrets for safeguarding and supercharging your heart!

Continued below...

The Chinese natural blood thinner

For more than 5,000 years, ginkgo biloba has been prized by those in natural medicine. Recently, more than 1,000 medical studies prove its effectiveness as a natural blood thinner and anti-clotting nutrient. It's also very helpful for Alzheimer's disease, poor memory and impaired circulation. See page 26 for my recommended daily dosage.

A $39.95 Value—
get it today for FREE!

I also want to warn you about...

Heart Hoax No. 4: Taking statin drugs to reduce high cholesterol will greatly reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke.


For the past 20 years, the heart industry has made high cholesterol the "demon" behind heart attacks and strokes.

And their tactics have worked. More than 13 million Americans take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs—and more than $22 billion a year is spent worldwide on these drugs, with the bulk of sales in the U.S.

In addition, a new study touting statins protecting people with normal cholesterol from heart attack and strokes should send statins sales through the roof!

What's more, food manufacturers have jumped on the "lower cholesterol" bandwagon, touting healthy foods as "no cholesterol"... or "cholesterol lowering".

But you're only hearing half the story!

What big drug companies and food makers don't want you to know is...

  • Nearly HALF of all heart attack victims have completely normal cholesterol.
  • Sixteen clinical trials prove that the effect of diet on your cholesterol is minimal at most, lowering your cholesterol by only 2 to 4 percent.
  • Statins drugs do lower cholesterol, but they also deplete your body of CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10)... and without enough CoQ10, your heart will fail!
  • Cholesterol is a vitally important substance which is needed to build our cells' membranes and produce several key hormones. If cholesterol drops too low, you're actually at risk of depression, says Psychosomatic Medicine!

Continued below...

"Successful" cholesterol-lowering drugs based
on flawed study!

Did you know the $10 billion-a-year sales of Lipitor® for lowering your cholesterol is based on a flawed study. The claim that high cholesterol can cause atherosclerosis is based on only 14 percent of actual patients studied. This low percentage does not give accurate test results. Page 28.

A $39.95 Value—
get it today for FREE!

So what's the real cholesterol story?

New research reveals that low levels of HDL "good" cholesterol put you at even greater risk for heart attack or stroke than high LDL "bad" cholesterol levels.

In fact, a Harvard Medical School study found that the ratio of low HDL cholesterol and high triglycerides is the strongest predictor of heart attack, even more accurate than the LDL/HDL ratio.

The same study states that people with the highest ratio of triglycerides to HDL cholesterol have a heart attack risk that's 16 TIMES HIGHER than those with the lowest ratio!

Yet statin drugs do NOTHING to raise HDL "good" cholesterol or lower triglycerides!

In your Special Medical Briefing Report, Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart, you'll discover...

  • The natural secret clinically proven to be more effective than Lipitor®, reports American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Increases good HDL cholesterol which protects you from atherosclerosis, Page 44.
  • The high carb diet hoax. Sure, you may lose weight, but it will also lead to insulin resistance and soaring cholesterol. Page 29.
  • Is fish oil or cod liver oil better for healthy cholesterol? Depends on what part of the country you live, Page 44.
  • Cholesterol bombshell! Ten surprising reasons why you want more cholesterol in your body, not less. Page 20.
  • Spend $200 a month on cholesterol lowering drugs for WHAT? If your cholesterol gets too low, you may put your health at risk of cerebral hemorrhage, gall bladder disease and many types of cancer, Page 22.
  • Forget Lipitor®! Ninety–Five percent of high cholesterol cases return to normal when your thyroid gets healthy again. Page 43.
  • And many more powerful, proven healing–heart secrets heart surgeons don't want you to know!

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Problems with a
pounding heart?

The cause is likely a lack of oxygen. But on page 53 of my new Medical Briefing Report, you'll discover a natural whole vitamin C complex that supercharges your heart with oxygen and quells the pounding. Amazing results without doctors or drugs. Page 28.

A $39.95 Value—
get it today for FREE!

You also need to be told the truth about...

Heart Hoax No. 5: A family history of heart disease and heart attacks means you're doomed to the same fate.


A lot of people with parents, siblings or relatives who've suffered from heart disease or heart attack believe they are destined for the same fate. They've heard or read the statistics that claim a person with a family history of heart disease is 10 times as likely to suffer from heart disease as the person who has no family history of the disease.

These people think, "I have little or no control of my genetics, so I might as well accept the fact I'll have heart disease, too."

Thinking like this makes my blood boil because it's just not true! And new research backs this up.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that the current crop of published genetic factors linking family history and heart disease are "worse than random at predicting cardiac risk."

Yes, there are cases where families all seem to have heart disease or heart attacks, but my point is, these cases do not necessarily correlate to larger populations. In plain English, just because your family has had heart disease or heart attack does NOT mean you'll suffer the same fate.

There are many safe, easy and inexpensive steps you can take, right now, that can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease and heart attack—and I'll reveal the best of them in Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart.

In my Special New Medical Briefing, you'll discover...

  • The miracle mineral that makes you nearly immune to blood clots, page 51.
  • Cut your risk of heart disease by up to 40 percent with this vitamin E complex. Based on a famous study of 90,000 nurses, page 53.
  • Better than Plavix®? The natural blood thinner the Japanese swear by, page 14.
  • The astonishing amino acid that dilates your arteries so blood flows freely, page 26.
  • A baby aspirin a day to protect your heart? Not so fast! This non-drug secret is even better and safer, too. Page 30.
  • The natural solution for heart disease even the traditional medical community cannot dispute. Page 43.
  • Revive a failing heart with a single source of 12 raw foods. Page 53.
  • And dozens more little-known natural secrets for healing your heart!

Continued below...

Grow new blood vessels
on your heart?

It's possible with the help of one little–known amino acid, L-arginine. Amazingly, it helps improve function of your coronary artery lining and is a vital facilitator of new blood vessel growth. What happens when you grow new blood vessels on your heart? Circulation improves and you feel like a million bucks. See page 16 for exciting details.

A $39.95 Value—
get it today for FREE!

But that's not all. You'll also be privy to the real story behind...

Heart Hoax No. 6: Heart disease is mainly a physical problem. Emotional and mind/body factors
have little or nothing to do with it.


The Medical Establishment wants you to believe that you'll only cure your heart disease or heart problems if you depend on their invasive techniques such as angiograms, angioplasties, bypass surgery and open heart surgery.

But while it's true that heart disease is a physical problem, it's a big mistake to ignore emotional and mind/body factors as you try to prevent, reverse or eliminate heart disease and heart attack risk.

For example, did you know that if you reduce stress in your life, you reduce the risk of dying of heart disease by 400 percent?

That's right. Research shows that heart disease patients are four times less likely to die of heart disease if they are taught stress reduction techniques. As a bonus, stress reduction also improves your mood and quality of life.

Yet most people suffering from heart disease don't get the truth about the real reasons so many people have heart problems and about the newest natures cures for heart troubles.

That's why, in Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart, you'll discover...

  • The most effective secret for stopping, even reversing aging and reawakening a weakening heart. Hint: It has to do with reducing the acid waste in your body. Page 48.
  • Rub your heart problems away with this natural hormone cream, page 37.
  • Worried about a weak heart? Then take this food-based amino acid, page 53.
  • Too much salt is bad for your health, right? Wrong! Study of 3,000 patients with high blood pressure reveals a 430 percent increase in heart attacks in the lowest salt group vs. highest salt group. Page 31.
  • The best natural blood thinner. Beats Warfarin® by a country mile! Page 42.
  • The amazing amino acid approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American Heart Association for removing toxic metals from your body. Bonus: it's also a lifesaving heart nutrient, page 49.
  • Why all artificial sweeteners are bad for your heart. And the only natural sweetener I recommend, page 35.
  • Attention men! German researchers discovered the chemical compounds of this natural hormone protect your heart by normalizing faulty glucose metabolism, page 36.
  • And other little-known secrets for healing your heart, safely and naturally!

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How to "sweat" away
your heart problems!

Could a special type of low-heat sauna be a heart bypass alternative? YES! Sitting in this sauna daily for four weeks improves impaired blood vessels to the heart, according to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. This safe, infrared treatment that increases nitric oxide in your body which dilates coronary arteries and improves heart function. You'll read all about it on page 17 of my Special Medical Briefing Report.

A $39.95 Value—
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But the best news of all?

You can receive this lifesaving
special report absolutely FREE just for
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Because I want to get this unique Special Medical Briefing Report into the hands of as many people as possible, I've made arrangements for you to receive Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart for FREE!

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  • A voice of reason.

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The REAL cause of heart attacks is NOT what you've been told!

Traditional view: Heart attacks are caused by accumulation of plaque narrowing blood vessels, reduced blood flow and blockage of your coronary arteries. But new evidence reveals the cause of heart attacks is unstable plaque breaking off and causing clots that obstruct your arteries. Find out natural secrets for clearing your arteries of this unstable plaque and thinning your blood in Cutting–Edge Natural Secrets for Healing Your Heart.

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In upcoming issues of The Bob Livingston Letter™, you'll discover lifesaving, money–saving stories similar to these...

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  • The "super nutrient" heart surgeons pray you never hear about.
    Developed some 50 years ago at Harvard, but overlooked by most doctors.
  • The shocking truth about vitamins. Why millions will gorge on "synthetic vitamins" only to die of degenerative diseases.
  • How the government can easily "snoop" into your bankbook, investment portfolio or computer. But it's easy to make yourself an "invisible investor".
  • The high cholesterol hoax that'll fool 39 million Americans. Why most doctors have turned a blind eye to the major hidden cause of high cholesterol.
  • The flu shot scam. Are you putting antifreeze, disinfectants and cancer-causing formaldehyde in your body? Read this BEFORE you get another flu shot!

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U.S. government commission
NOT greatly impressed by
bypass surgeries.

The Office of Technology Assessment commissioned by the U.S. Congress says: "Coronary bypass surgery seems to give excellent symptomatic relief for angina pectoris [chest pains] but improvement diminishes with time... and non-surgical treatment also produces good results." Read all about the alternatives to bypass surgery, starting on page 8 of my new Special Medical Briefing Report.

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Don't fall victim to the high-tech heart scams
that often do more damage than good.
Get the truth about treating heart disease.

Shockingly, the U.S. government admits to the poor track record of a popular treatment, bypass surgery.

In one of its pamphlets, Medicine for the Layman—Heart Attacks, the government admits "There is no evidence that bypass surgery makes the heart pump better—some evidence shows it may actually decrease efficiency."

Sadly, this is only one example of the abuses found in treating heart disease in America today. The good news is, you don't ever have to be a victim!

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