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Free presentation reveals why you are now faced with the most menacing economic crisis of your lifetime.

NOTICE: Ignore this sober warning and you may as well take your savings... your retirement—and your financial security and kiss them goodbye. On the other hand, if you heed the warning in this presentation and act on the advice, there is still plenty of time to insulate your wealth and ensure your family's welfare and prosperity for life!

In this Urgent, Eye-Opening Report you'll learn:
  • Why China is jumping ship...
  • Why world confidence in the U.S. dollar is evaporating...
  • PLUS, how the Fat Cats in Washington are lying through their teeth about the Federal Deficit...
All while international investors watch mountains of toxic debt pile up faster than at any point in American history!

Read below to find out why you are now faced with the single most menacing economic crisis of your lifetime...
Dear Fellow American,

Ignore this sober warning and you may as well take your savings... your retirement—and your very financial security—and KISS THEM GOODBYE.

On the other hand, if you HEED the warning on this page—and ACT on the advice I send you in my newest FREE guide—not only will you have plenty of time to insulate your wealth...'ll have the opportunity to ensure your family's welfare and prosperity for life!

Look, it's no secret that our government is bleeding the single greatest gushing of red ink in history.

And no institution on earth—not the White House, not Congress... and certainly not the abomination we so politely refer to as the 'Federal Reserve'—has the faintest hope of slowing it—let alone STOPPING it.

Despite what the Fat Cats and Bureaucrats try to tell you, the undeniable truth is that Washington has completely LOST CONTROL of the federal budget.

And far worse than that, they're oblivious to what this means for you and me—namely, that a nightmarish wave of hyperinflation is set to demolish everything we've EVER worked for.

Hyperinflation is Coming—And There's
Absolutely No Time to Waste!

The definition of hyperinflation is "inflation that is very high or 'out of control', a condition in which prices increase rapidly as a currency loses its value."

This happened in Germany after World War I... when hyperinflation caused the inflation rate to swell from 300 to 800 billion percent, or 300,000,000,000% to 800,000,000,000% over a six-month period.

The value of German mortgages in 1913 was roughly $10 billion US dollars. At the height of hyperinflation in late 1923, these mortgages were only worth one US penny!

Trust me, this was NOT a pretty picture...

In fact, hyperinflation was so bad that workers demanded to be paid daily, or even multiple times per day, so that their wages would not be worthless at the end of the day.

When they received their pay, workers literally RAN from their jobs to the store in the hopes that their paychecks would still be enough to purchase a meal or some goods.

Prices often changed hourly.

There are stories of people using wheelbarrows to haul enough money to buy a loaf of bread. Money was sold or traded by weight and creative minds found other uses for the money, including making clothing with it, using it for wallpaper, and stuffing it in clothing and walls for insulation.

Some citizens actually BURNED their money just to keep warm!

This period of hyperinflation literally destroyed most of the middle and upper classes in Germany.

Continued below...

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Why Hyperinflation Is Now Dangerously Looming

Before I tell you why China's elite and middle classes are preparing for a hyperinflation collapse—let's look at the "other side of the story" that no one is talking about...

First off, we know that the dollar IS falling.

For example, according to—a leading producer of real and UNBIASED government statistics—the dollar has lost almost 13% of its international value just in the last 36 months.

In other words... it's falling steeply in terms of how much corn, wheat, soybeans, beef, copper, silver and gold it can buy. And it's also falling against the euro, the yen, the pound and the Swiss franc.

It's even going down against many third-world currencies!

Think about that: For generations now, the United States has been the primary source of capital throughout the world. It was the U.S. that owned big stakes in foreign economies. So we certainly didn't need their capital to sustain us.

Yet today, like a third-world country, we depend far too heavily on foreign capital.

Every time we run a deficit in our federal budget, our government officials must go, hat in hand, asking for money from central banks and investors in Europe... Asia... and even Latin America.

Now, after thousands of such trips, and trillions of such transactions, a significant chunk of America's wealth has literally been sold off or thrown away.

And Up Until Now—Because America Was
the Only Game in Town—He Had No Choice!

This could NOT be said for smaller economic powers, like Brazil for instance.

With a country like Brazil, the foreign investor DID have a choice. Whenever he lost faith in Brazil, for whatever reason, he pulled out in a big hurry, along with countless others, sending Brazil's financial market into periodic crashes.

This was the biggest difference that separated the U.S. from a country like Brazil—whenever Brazil slacked off or did the wrong thing, it got slapped down, hard!

But when the U.S. made similar mistakes, it usually got away with it.

And so it was that we merrily ran huge deficits and borrowed to the hilt, as if nothing was wrong. And despite it all, foreign investors continued to pour more and more money into America.

In the 1980s it was primarily the cash-rich Japanese who led the way, investing billions into U.S. stocks and bonds, helping to lift the Dow and the Treasury bond market out of their worst slumps of the postwar era.

In the 1990s it was mostly Germans who played that role, helping to drive the big tech boom.

And for much of this decade it has been India and China, with their exploding industries which thrived on U.S. consumption.

But now, after nearly three decades of massive, virtually non-stop capital flows into the U.S. from abroad... some countries are beginning to realize it was NOT such a good idea after all.

And in case you hadn't guessed...

China Is One of Those Countries!

When Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner recently visited China in a rah-rah session for the dollar—their reaction was almost appalling.

In fact, while speaking to Chinese university students... he promised them that the dollars owned by their government were "very safe."

And their reaction?

Simple: They nearly laughed him off the stage!

Think about that for a second... in an Asian country—where politeness, inscrutability and "saving face" are paramount—this is shocking, indeed.

Then there's the experience of Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank. He recently visited China and met with government officials.

In an interview afterward, he said he was grilled about the Fed's purchases of Treasury debt. "I must have been asked about that a hundred times in China. I was asked at every single meeting about our purchases of Treasury Notes. That seemed to be the principal preoccupation of those that were invested with their surpluses mostly in the United States."

As the British Telegraph noted, this is "a stark reminder that Asia's 'Confucius' culture of right action does not look kindly on the insouciant policy of printing money by Anglo-Saxons."

It's clear that the Chinese, along with other foreign dollar holders, are scared about what the U.S. might do to the dollar.

Unfortunately, U.S. officials don't seem to be concerned.

After all, as the Financial Times explained, China is "caught in a 'dollar trap' and has little choice but to keep pouring the bulk of its growing reserves into the U.S. Treasury, which remains the only market big enough and liquid enough to support its huge purchases."


That USED to Be True.
But NOT NOW—Not Any More!

The People's Bank of China just issued a report that should have sent shock waves through our financial markets. Part of it said: "To avoid the shortcomings of sovereign credit currencies acting as reserve currencies, we need to create an... international reserve currency that can maintain the long-term stability of its value."

Which "sovereign credit currencies" was the Bank talking about? The primary one in the world today is the U.S. dollar.

In other words, China does NOT want to own dollars anymore!

Instead, it wants a new international currency—it's OWN.

In fact, the Chinese are proposing that the International Monetary Fund's unit of accounting (the Special Drawing Right, or SDR) replace the dollar as the dominant global reserve currency.

And as if to demonstrate its commitment to the idea, China just bought $50 billion of bonds denominated in SDRs.

Not only that, China is proposing that the SDR itself be changed. Currently, SDRs are made up of dollars (44%), euros (34%), yen (11%), and sterling (11%).

The Chinese want the SDR to be 20% each of dollars, euros, yen, sterling... and yuan.

This is the real shocker: China wants the yuan to be a global reserve currency.

And that would put it in direct competition with the dollar!

On the surface, China is only proposing the yuan as a component of the SDR. Yet the truth is, everybody knows that few SDRs are used as international reserves.

The scary part is... if the yuan becomes part of the SDR, it gets instant legitimacy as a global reserve currency... and then it goes head-to-head with the dollar on international markets.

Obviously, why all the effort? With so much invested in the U.S. dollar—why go through all this?

Question: What Do THEY See that We Don't?
Answer: Runaway Out-of-Control Deficits
With No End In Sight!

I honestly wish I could do something to stop hyperinflation, but at this point in time, I can't, nor can you. The forces aligned against us are simply too massive, too powerful and coming on too soon:

Consider this: The recently publicized, cash-based "official" fiscal 2011 (year-ended Sept. 30) federal deficit was $1.3 trillion,

Contrast that against the $161.8 billion official deficit in 2007 just before the start of the recession...

And that amounts to a Whopping 79% increase in the deficit from just before the economic meltdown to now!

However, since 2002 the Treasury has been reporting the government's finances using annual statements prepared using accounting standards similar to those used in corporate America.

Those numbers, however, did NOT account for the annual change in the net present value of unfunded Social Security and Medicare liabilities, except in discussions and footnotes. Not once in the "official" reporting!

Counting those changes, as a corporation would for its pension and healthcare liabilities for retirees, the 2008 annual deficit was $4.5 trillion, versus $1.2 trillion in 2007.

Which means that total U.S. obligations—gross federal debt outstanding plus the net present value of unfunded liabilities—is at $81 TRILLION: Roughly 6 times the level of reported U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), and GREATER THAN THE TOTAL ESTIMATED GDP!

These numbers are truly beyond our conception... spinning out of control... and show that the government is clearly lying about what's really happening. Not to mention that they have been deteriorating severely for fiscal 2009.

Still, perhaps you're wondering, "Okay but how do they doom the U.S. dollar to hyperinflation?"

Simple: With this level of liability... if anything occurs to reduce demand for U.S. debt (which we see happening with China's actions), it's doomsday for the dollar.

Because their solution is always the same: If Washington can't borrow the money it 'needs', it will just print it instead.

That's the classic recipe for massive hyperinflation, plunging currency values and a crisis of epic proportions.

Any 'market share' the yuan receives will come mostly from the dollar—which will reduce demand for the greenback, and the house of cards will begin its collapse.

As China begins to pull away and its currency competes with ours... other foreign investors will also jump as well.

And That Means We are Literally a "Sneeze"
Away from a Hyperinflation Crisis Beyond
What Anyone Has Ever Seen!

As the saying goes, "The bigger they are... the harder they fall." Such is the case with the U.S. economy.

In other words, our hyperinflation crisis has taken longer to come about—but when it happens, it's almost certain to be many times uglier.

No, I can't tell you the exact day it will happen... no one can.

But it's obvious that the Bureaucrats and Fat Cats in Washington care too little about the repercussions of their actions—and how their spending spree is risking our savings... our retirement... everything you and I hold dear.

Now, when things really get bad—do you think the Bureaucrats in Washington are going to be there for you? Do you think they will make personal sacrifices so that we can live happily ever after?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. They WON'T!

Therefore, it's up to you to protect yourself—and ensure your family's survival and well being!

That's Exactly Why I Created My Latest Manual—
Burning Your Money, 7 Reasons Why the Coming Hyperinflation Disaster is Set to Shatter the U.S. Dollar

And Why I Want to Rush It to You, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You see, because this hyperinflation crisis is so menacing... and literally could be triggered at any time... I've been burning the midnight oil, putting together a solution.

The result is a handbook that I'm incredibly proud of—including step-by-step information you can use to recognize when the collapse is about to hit... and protect your family all along the way.

The first point is key—because there are actually 7 deadly triggers that set hyperinflation in motion beyond all reversal. More than I've been able to discuss in this letter... and many of which are in motion right now!

Which is why I spend the first section of the manual detailing and explaining them—so that you can recognize when they are happening, and then take steps to protect yourself.

For example, you'll discover:

The seven deadly triggers that have—and always will—indicate that hyperinflation is dangerously close...

How to look at the real estate market and almost immediately tell how much time you have...

The sneaky ways in which the government lies and distorts their statistics—and how to properly "decipher" what their phony numbers really mean!

Which signs will help you get a jump on others who are unprepared—essential if you want to beat the panic that's guaranteed to happen as the crisis reaches full force...

And so much more!

This first section of the handbook is the ultimate crash course in hyperinflation... HOWEVER, it's not entertainment by any means!

Rather, it's designed to SHOW YOU—in the clearest possible detail—which factors are present when hyperinflation approaches emergency levels.

Which brings us to the second section:

The Two Best Ways to Protect Your Assets
And Family from the Ravages of Hyperinflation

Even though hyperinflation is—in many ways—a complex economic problem... the process of protecting yourself is simpler than you might think.

In fact, there are two primary things you must do: 1) Get your assets to safety... and 2) make sure your basic needs (and those of your family's) will be taken care of.

In these final chapters, you'll discover:

The single biggest mistake most people make when using gold or silver as a way to hedge against hyperinflation (and the RIGHT way to do it!)

A simple way to grow your money by as much as 100% annually—while keeping it safer than it's ever been before!

Items—which cost very little now—that will be worth many times more than gold or silver... should the crisis get bad...

How to prepare two to three times faster (and earlier) than anyone else... which is an absolute MUST to escape the panic and most significant dangers other countries have faced...

And LOTS more!

As you can see, this is potentially lifesaving information that you do NOT want to be without should things get bad. And I think you see from the evidence I've presented... it will be almost impossible for it NOT to get ugly... And it will happen faster than most people realize.

That's when I realized, as a loyal American, that I needed to help others—those like you who have become innocent victims in the cruel con game Washington is playing with us all.

And That's When I Immediately
Got Busy Working on This Manual...

Even though I've seen lesser reports selling on the Internet for as much as $175... I'm not going to do that.

I consider this information too urgent, and far too crucial to your survival in the months and days ahead to hold back like that.

I want you to have every possible chance of making it through this hyperinflation disaster with everything you value 100% intact.

However, because I also only want this in the hands of serious individuals who will take full advantage of all the hard work my team and I have put into it...

...I've decided to send the manual as a gift to the first individuals who read this letter and subscribe to The Bob Livingston Letter™ (while supplies last).

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Believe me, at a time in America when the stakes are this unbelievably high—when your life and complete economic well being are at risk—you NEED accurate, unbiased information.

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Bob Livingston, Editor
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