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The Government tried to smear his name and discredit his research, but they can't hide...

The Great Currency Conspiracy
he revealed that's allowing "them" to steal our wealth — and seal America's fate for...
The Greatest Financial
Meltdown in History!

Dear Fellow American,

Four decades ago, one man uncovered a vast conspiracy...

A secret cancer so dangerous it could only lead to a complete collapse of our nation's currency — triggering what could be the worst financial crisis any country has ever known.

This man dedicated the rest of his life to warning people about what was happening. He wrote books. He held workshops and seminars. And he was interviewed by newspapers and television stations of the day.

He even researched and discovered the means to reverse the damage — to save the dollar before it collapsed and return the wealth to the people from whom it had been stolen.

But unfortunately, he wasn't successful.

Despite all his efforts, most people never heard of him. And many of those who did found his claims so outrageous... so unimaginable... that it was easy for the government to discredit him as "just another crackpot."

However, many of his dire predictions are now coming true. And the stage is set for his darkest prediction of all.

Meet Merrill Jenkins — The Original
Monetary Realist

Long before Ron Paul captured headlines for questioning the soundness and sanity of our Federal Reserve, Merrill Jenkins was exposing the Fed's darkest secrets to the American public.

But just who was Merrill Jenkins?

In a nutshell, Merrill M.E. Jenkins, Sr. was the original monetary realist. A brilliant scientist and inventor, Merrill Jenkins had spent more than 20 years creating electromechanical devices that enabled vending machines to detect — and reject — counterfeit coins and paper money.

Then he suddenly stumbled upon a counterfeiting operation unlike any he could have imagined.

Suddenly, counterfeit U.S. coins and paper money were all over the place. And while that was disturbing in itself, it was nothing compared to the shocking identity of the counterfeiters. Because it turned out the counterfeit coins were being produced by none other than the U.S. government!

How the U.S. Government Secretly
Counterfeited its Own Coinage

You see, up until 1965 most U.S. coins were silver. Dollars, halfdollars, quarters and dimes were all struck in 90% silver. But this all changed when President Johnson signed the Coinage Act of 1965.

After that, the mint began issuing what is called "clad coinage" — coins that have a core of one metal and an outer layer of another metal. To the eye, the coins looked the same. But suddenly, half dollars contained only 40% silver... while dimes and quarters contained no silver at all!

Now, to an expert like Merrill Jenkins (and frankly, many other Americans as well), these new coins without silver were nothing but tokens... government-sanctioned "slugs" issued in place of real money.

And it was the fact that the sanctioned slugs worked in his vending machines — rather than being rejected as the counterfeits he knew them to be — that led Jenkins to a startling realization...

He had given the government the means to pull off their hoax.

To his horror, Merrill Jenkins recalled a day when he was asked by some government officials to demonstrate how his machines worked. At first, they simply tried poor-quality counterfeits. But as his device kept rejecting them, they moved on to higher and higher quality fakes.

Amazed at the accuracy and reliability of Jenkins’s machine, they asked him how it was able to tell the difference between silver coins and silver slugs.

And even though it was a black-box secret, he told the government exactly how his device worked.

It wasn't until years afterwards Jenkins realized why the government had been so interested in his device. Not until the new clad coins were being dumped onto an unsuspecting public.

If the government had taken away silver coins without first learning Jenkins’s secrets, they wouldn't have known how to pass them off as legitimate. And if people saw their government-issued coins rejected as counterfeits, the jig would have been up.

To the end of his days, Merrill Jenkins felt guilty for inadvertently helping the government force their sanctioned slugs on the American people. So he began researching and studying the entire U.S. monetary system.

The Counterfeiting of America's
Paper Currency

The more he studied America's money and monetary system, the more Merrill Jenkins came to realize the full scope of the conspiracy behind the counterfeiting of U.S. currency.

He discovered the nation's paper money had also been transformed from legitimate currency redeemable for gold and silver, on demand, to mere pieces of paper, redeemable for nothing at all.

Think about it...

When U.S. paper currency was issued in the form of silver certificates, the $1, $5, $10, and $20 notes were not actually money — they were receipt certificates for silver kept on deposit.

And the proof is right there on the face of this note (see dollar below on right) just under Abe Lincoln's portrait: "FIVE SILVER DOLLARS PAYABLE TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND."

And the same was true for gold certificates. So long as there was enough silver and gold in reserve to cover the currency in circulation, the entire system worked great. However, the banks didn't keep enough gold and silver in reserve.

$5 Bill

In other words, they were issuing counterfeit notes.

The only legitimate notes were the ones backed by silver or gold. But they just kept cranking out notes whenever they needed them, without concern for whether or not they could be redeemed.

Then the Feds made one little change to the paper notes: They removed the words, "will pay to the bearer on demand."

Suddenly, the paper currency of the country wasn't redeemable for anything, much less silver or gold. It was just a slip of paper with some ink on it. But the government and banks told everyone, "Don't worry — it's still money."

Needless to say, Jenkins was outraged. The American people were being fleeced... their wealth confiscated by the government and banks issuing their currency.

And if that wasn't bad enough...

The Conspiracy Continues:
The Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air

Even more outrageous was Jenkins’s discovery that money in America isn't created by the U.S. government — but rather created out of thin air by the banks through accounting entries!

Right in the banks' own literature, Jenkins found descriptions of how "money supply" was now irrelevant because a bank loaning money simply creates that money through bookkeeping entries and then deposits it into the account of the borrower.

Except, of course, for the interest due on the loan. That money would have to come from money already in circulation — and it was up to the borrower to come up with those dollars.

The paper money system in America had become nothing more than a confidence game. One that would eventually collapse like a house of cards. And the Fed not only knew this, but fully expected the jig to be up by the end of the 1970s!

In fact, the whole game was played to control YOUR spending!

You see, with BOTH the government AND the banks creating money whenever they wanted it, they needed to find some way to control the amount in circulation.

And while taxes remove some from circulation, it's not enough. So by loaning newly created money — but not the interest due on the loan — the banks help keep the system afloat.

The U.S. dollar is no longer backed by gold or silver — only by the confidence of the people in its ability to be used in commerce.

It had become a fiat currency. And just as with all other fiat currencies throughout history...

Eventually, Confidence in America's
Currency Will Fail and The U.S.
Dollar Will Completely Collapse

By this time, Merrill Jenkins had become a true scholar of money and monetary history. And so he recognized the fatal flaw in the uncontrolled, unbacked paper notes the banks and the government were now passing off as American currency.

The U.S. dollar had become fiat. And history has shown that all fiat currencies invariably lead to inflation... then hyperinflation... and finally complete collapse.

Trillions upon trillions of dollars were dumped into circulation by former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in failed efforts to "stimulate the economy."

Yet, each one only served to reduce the purchasing power of those dollars already in your wallet.

It's no wonder nations from China to Russia — and even the United Nations itself — have called for the dollar to be replaced as the world's reserve currency.

Or why millions of Americans have already given up on the dollar — instead putting their wealth into gold and silver.

Unfortunately, what most of them don't realize is that even owning gold and silver may not save you from the impending collapse of the U.S. dollar. Because throughout history U.S. presidents have fabricated reasons to "legally" confiscate gold from American citizens time and again!

Merrill Jenkins Made it His Mission in Life to Warn Us About the Currency Conspiracy He Uncovered and How it Would Ultimately Destroy the U.S. Dollar.

Merrill Jenkins knew that if nothing was done, millions of Americans would not only have their wealth stolen by their own government, they would also be devastated by the U.S. dollar's eventual collapse.

So he embarked on a crusade to educate the public about what he had learned about money... how the government and the banks were counterfeiting it to steal your wealth... and what he saw as a coming monetary upheaval in the world's financial system.

He even worked out a solution that would save and restore the U.S. dollar... while returning the wealth to the people from whom it had been quietly stolen by the government and banks.

By the time he died in 1979, Jenkins had authored four books on the stark realities of money and finance, including the legendary and now out-of-print Money, the Greatest Hoax on Earth — which has gone for as much as a $1,000 for used copies on

He gave interviews on television, and he took his research directly to the people by regularly giving speeches, workshops and seminars. He shared his sources... answered questions... and basically laid all his cards on the table.

Yet, not once did anyone come forward to challenge his conclusions and say, "Mr. Jenkins, you're wrong." Not even the government or banks.

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