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Wake Up, America!

The Federal Government is lying to you!
Free presentation reveals why Washington is poised to purposely trigger a hyperinflation crisis that will trash your wealth almost overnight… plus the keys to surviving the emergency.

NOTICE: In the next 12 months, an economic "Pearl Harbor" will hit America. It's called hyperinflation. During the crisis the cost of goods will rise rapidly, you can expect to pay $25 for a loaf of bread. $60 for a pound of hamburger meat. $10 for a bag of rice. $37 for a gallon of gas. I know this sounds absolutely insane. But you need to prepare now because it's already started. I'll show you how!

Dear fellow American,

In the next 12 months, an economic "Pearl Harbor" will hit America. It's called hyperinflation and you need to prepare right NOW.

What happens when hyperinflation hits? Your savings will be GONE. Your CDs? Worthless. The cash in your wallet? Toilet paper. Your retirement plan? Hope for a job at Walmart®.

Bread will cost $25 a loaf. Hamburger meat will cost $60/pound. Gas will cost $37/gallon... that's a $500 fill up! I know this sounds absolutely insane. But you need to prepare NOW because it's already started...

Prices are rising rapidly as I write this letter, and they're expected to explode when HYPERINFLATION hits in the next 12 months. And if THAT happens... ALL bets are off. Prices could increase 1,000 percent or more within days. (It happened in Weimar Germany in the 1920s—citizens had to use wheelbarrows instead of wallets to carry enough bills to buy food!)

I know it's hard to believe. In fact, our politicians are counting on the fact that this scenario is "unthinkable" to the public. After all, this is America. We are the land of the free... the home of the brave... NOTHING like this will ever happen to the good old American dollar.

BALONEY... complete and utter BALONEY. The truth is that...

Forget any minor rallies, the writing is on the wall:
The U.S. Dollar has a date with DOOM!

Sure, a temporary rally might give the uninformed public a false sense of security. But let me ask you this: If the dollar is so secure, then how come...

  • Gold has skyrocketed a whopping 514 percent in the last five years, from a low of $281.50/oz. to $1,731/ oz. as I write this report.
  • China and Japan are now planning to trade the Yuan and Yen WITHOUT using U.S. Dollars for the first time in history.
  • The International Monetary Fund is openly campaigning for the U.S. Dollar to be replaced by SDRs (Special Drawing Rights)—a hybrid composed of the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, the Yen and the British Pound. The Obama administration has ALREADY stated their support for adding the Chinese Yuan!
  • In mid-2011, China announced it was going to start reducing its foreign currency reserves. In plain English, they want to dump the dollar because they're worried about U.S. government spending and a Fed that's ready to start printing more money on a moment's notice.
  • China is quietly purchasing massive amounts of gold. In October 2011 alone, Chinese imports jumped a whopping 4,000 percent over the previous year. Thanks to a secret Chinese communication released by WikiLeaks, we now know that this is a DELIBERATE attack aimed directly at the dollar.

Want to know what China really thinks about the U.S. Dollar, and our government's efforts to control spending and STOP printing money? Ask Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner about his recent speech to the students at Peking University.

The Chinese laughed Tim Geithner off the stage!


A recent WikiLeaks document reveals that the Chinese are buying massive amounts of gold in a deliberate attempt to undermine the U.S. Dollar. How can you protect yourself? Send for your free copy of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST and follow our instructions for protecting your family, your home and your nest egg. DO THIS NOW. The Chinese are NOT waiting, neither should you.

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After reaffirming his faith in the ongoing strength of the U.S. Dollar, Geithner went on to say that "...Chinese assets are very safe." HE WAS INSTANTLY INTERRUPTED BY THUNDEROUS LAUGHTER from the usually polite Chinese audience.

Did you ever hear about it? There were a few brief mentions in the mainstream media. But they all focused on the humor of the situation. It was a convenient distraction from the REAL story you're NOT being told...

The Chinese students were RIGHT. The almost 50-year reign of the U.S. Dollar as the World Reserve Currency is cracking apart. The next step is hyperinflation... and a $500 bill for filling your car with gas.

I know it sounds impossible. But it's already begun.
The evidence is everywhere
in your life...

You and I both know that the REAL evidence, the EARLIEST signs of hyperinflation are already here. You see it in the grocery bill at your supermarket. You line up all your items on the checkout belt, glance at them and figure "maybe $25 or $30" in your head. Then the checkout person hits the TOTAL button and says "That will be $52, sir..."

OUCH. That's not your imagination, it's a fact. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that BEEF prices jumped a whopping 10.2 percent in 2011. Eggs climbed 9.2 percent and cooking oils soared 9.3 percent. That's a HUGE increase in just 12 months.

to a Hyperinflated Supermarket
Near You...

These are actual prices that could appear in your market—based upon economists estimates of a hyperinflation crisis. Later in this report, we explain how YOU can protect your family and preserve your current buying power no matter what happens to prices.

The USDA says that food prices in 2012 will hold steady... nothing to worry about there. Really? Who do they think they're kidding?

They're LYING to
you about inflation!

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an outright LIE. Starting in 1980, the government actually began CHANGING the formula used for calculating the CPI so the inflation numbers wouldn't look so bad.

Why would they do this? It's those annoying "Cost-of-Living-Increases" for Social Security checks, pensions and other obligations.

If Uncle Sam can't afford to pay you, no problem! Just LOWER the CPI (artificially) and VOILA, everything's taken care of. Except it's NOT really taken care of.

That's why so many seniors can't afford to make ends meet on Social Security anymore. Just how ignorant do our politicians think we are!

Today, the CPI is basically useless as a measure of your rising costs. Last year, the "official" CPI was about 3 percent. If you use the "old" 1980 formula, the REAL CPI was closer to 12 PERCENT. Now that explains your grocery and gas bills.

The government is LYING to you about
the annual deficit, too!

Last year, the "official" deficit was reported to be a "mere" $1.3 trillion. That's pure fantasy from politicians who don't want you to know the truth. If you use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)—the same principles corporations are REQUIRED to use—the actual deficit is almost $5 TRILLION. That's four times worse than you're being told.

And the grand total for our Federal debt?
How does $15 trillion sound? But wait, it gets worse...

That $15 trillion does NOT include our TOTAL obligations (like Social Security). It's almost impossible to get a REAL number on this but, one of the most reliable monitors of government spending, estimates the true debt to be in excess of $80 TRILLION.

You could confiscate the wealth of every
last man, woman and child in America and
still not pay for this debt!

What can Washington do? They'll try "buying" their way out by printing MORE MONEY, devaluing every dollar you own and triggering a hyperinflation crisis.

  • No WONDER the Chinese are dumping dollars and buying TONS of gold.
  • No wonder nations are starting to ignore the U.S. Dollar for bilateral trading.
  • No WONDER the IMF wants to replace the dollar with SDRs and eventually a "global currency."
  • No wonder OIL is being traded more and more using gold instead of dollars.

The ENTIRE FINANCIAL WORLD is losing faith in the dollar. It's not just my opinion, it's a fact. The dollar is now a financial house of cards ready to collapse (and trigger) hyperinflation with a single breath. That means...

Washington desperately needs your money, and they know where to find it: In your retirement plan...

In November 2008, Congress held a little-publicized meeting to discuss the COMPLETE confiscation of all private retirement accounts...

Inflation under control? BALONEY!
"Police call Tide® laundry detergent LIQUID GOLD..."
—NBC News Washington

Prices for Tide® rise SO fast, an instant "black market" develops...

In a recent story in, police revealed that Tide® detergent was now so expensive it had become a currency on the streets. Thieves were storming stores, emptying shelves and then running out the door to a waiting getaway car. Then, they would resell the Tide® to eager customers at only $5 to $10 a bottle. But that's NOT the real story. The real story is that this is just another early sign that hyperinflation is on the way!

Think the Federal government can't confiscate private wealth? FDR did it in 1933 by ORDERING all citizens to turn over their gold for PAPER MONEY that's WORTHLESS by today's standards. But that couldn't possibly happen today, right?

Argentina grabbed all private pension plans in 2008, and Obama and his union friends are watching.

In 2008, Argentina's President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner confiscated the entire $24 billion pension industry and immediately used the money for social programs that helped her maintain power and then provided subsidies to "favored" industries. ALL for the good of the people, of course.

How did it work? It worked great for Fernandez. By "spreading the wealth" through confiscation, she won reelection in a landslide. (Obama has been taking notes!) But things aren't working out so well for the people in her country.

The Argentine Peso is now in freefall—losing 25 percent of it's value against the dollar and the people are getting restless. No problem for Christina though. She's now imposing government controls on capital, nationalizing private property and making it illegal to hold a public protest (under the guise of fighting terrorism). By the way, she's also seized control of the media as well.

Is this your future? Not if I can help it!

Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, president of Argentina decided to "confiscate" the private retirement accounts of her people. Reason: To "protect" them from losing money. Obama and his Union allies are taking notes...Congress already had a hearing to consider this!

My name is Bob Livingston and 43 years ago, I founded The Bob Livingston Letter™ based on a single, profoundly simple concept: The TRUTH. Through my own financial and medical experiences as a young man, I came to realize that the rarest and most valuable element on Earth was NOT a diamond.

It was the truth.

Like any precious commodity, the TRUTH is always in short supply—and that's a big problem. If you don't know the unvarnished truth concerning your wealth, you're going to lose it for sure. If you don't know the uncensored, unbridled truth about our healthcare system, you DIE. (I'll tell you my own near-death experience with mainstream medicine, in a minute.) If you honestly think you're getting the truth from your politicians and government bureaucrats, then YOU need more help than I thought! That's why I've sent you this report. You see, I've just put the finishing touches on an all new 2012 crisis-survival encyclopedia called...

How Your Family Can Survive and
Thrive in The Crisis to Come

Others have gladly paid nearly $80 for this manual,
but for you, it's absolutely FREE!

When I first saw the early warning signals for hyperinflation, I felt it was my patriotic duty to get the word out as fast as possible. So I prepared an all-new manual OVERFLOWING with everything the Federal government is praying you never see—and sent a special offer to everyone who reads The Bob Livingston Letter™.

Then a funny thing happened. Our mail room called one day and reported that they were being FLOODED with requests for extra copies of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST for grandparents, parents, cousins, friends, fellow church members—the list was ENORMOUS. Everyone, ANYONE who saw this eye-opening manual wanted a copy of their own.

In my 43 years of publishing, I had NEVER experienced a phenomenon like this. But I know these are TRANSFORMATIONAL times we live in right now. You can feel it.

Prepare NOW for America's Economic Winter!

Like the first cold winds of Fall that signal Summer is over, every shrewd American knows that a frigid, economic Winter is ahead. And the smart ones (like you) know that the time to prepare is NOW. And just as our Founders dutifully saved their money and stored food and provisions for the frigid months ahead, your FREE copy of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST provides step-by-step instructions that reveal...

  • How to recognize the earliest, almost invisible warning signs of an "H-bomb" disaster. You won't see the crisis coming in the mainstream press. And the politicians will just lie to you again. Why? Because the TRUTH could trigger massive bank runs that could sink the system in a matter of hours.
  • How to transform your finances from a house of cards... into a financial fortress made of stone. When inflation, and then HYPERINFLATION strike, you'll sleep like a baby knowing that while the dollar may be collapsing, YOUR WEALTH is safe. In fact, we will have you poised to grow wealthier with every tick of the clock.
  • How to survive the sudden, catastrophic collapse of the dollar. The first few months will be the hardest for everybody—except YOU. As prices soar and the dollar tanks, YOU will have more than enough "buying power" to supply your family's needs and protect your quality of life.
  • How to guarantee you have unlimited access to the food, medical care, medicines and supplies you need to live comfortably NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS outside your doors.

Now let's look at some specific examples of the wisdom you'll find in your FREE copy of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST...

How to recognize the early, almost
invisible signs of a hyperinflation disaster...

Is there ANY way you can get an EARLY WARNING for a hyperinflation disaster—so you can protect yourself and the ones you love? You bet there is.

There's ONE indicator, hidden in the financial pages, that lets you crack OPEN the inner sanctum of the world's financial elite and SEE EXACTLY WHAT THEY'RE DOING. The secret is to look at the price of gold in a very special way.

No, I'm not talking about just watching the price of gold. (That's a great indicator of what the world really thinks of the dollar, and you should always keep track of it.) What I'm talking about is a financial formula that's...

So simple, a 10-year-old can do it
with a yellow pad and a pencil!

This formula connects the price of gold to the overall market and accurately identifies the absolute peak of the market—the point of greatest risk for you. Does it really work? Just look...

  • At the peak of the Bull Market in the 1920's, the formula accurately began warning of the crash to come. The Dow Jones Average looked like a miracle to the masses, but our formula would have told them to GET OUT NOW.
  • The next big boom came in 1966 and again our formula was signaling RED ALERT. A few months later, a bear market began that would last almost 16 years.
  • On October 9, 2007, when the Dow peaked at 14,164.53, our formula warned of BIG trouble to come. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT, and how painful it was.

Right now, the formula is signaling YELLOW ALERT, so it bears watching almost every day. This formula pierces the veil of government secrecy when it comes to ordinary folks like you and me.

Everything you need to know is in your FREE copy of

In the same section, you'll also discover...

  • How the United States Government has been secretly passing teeny-tiny laws that help them monitor and control your wealth—no matter where it is. These laws are so gradual, most Americans never see them coming—until their wealth has been "legally" confiscated. WE open your eyes to the truth, so you can protect yourself NOW.
  • Why I believe we may be only MONTHS away from financial disaster... and the exact steps you must take TODAY to protect yourself. Here's a hint: The U.S. is 244 years old and more than one-third of the national debt has been created in the past three years.

Has anyone ever told you these things before? Probably not. The government is doing everything they can to keep you in the dark. Here's just ONE example...

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's dirty BIG secret...

The U.S. government has been trying to HIDE their money printing volume since 2005. It was called M3 and it used to be public knowledge. But NO MORE. Ben Bernanke HALTED publication of the HUGE numbers so the Fed could operate "under the radar" and the peasants would never know a thing. This has got to STOP.

The simple, two-word solution you MUST do now to protect yourself and the ones you love!

Thomas Jefferson once warned: "I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations... will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered..."

Mr. Jefferson, we could really use you in Washington now. Unfortunately, the reality is that our current political class is just looking for new ways to steal our wealth. BUT YOU CAN TELL THEM—IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS—TO GO TAKE A HIKE.

Here's what you should do in two simple words: BUY GOLD.

Before we go further, let me just say that I am NOT a gold salesman, and I have no financial interest or connection with any gold brokers or institutions. That means I'm free to tell you exactly how to use GOLD to preserve your nest egg—no matter what happens to the dollar. You need to do this exactly right—so it's legally INVISIBLE to Uncle Sam. But first, let me tell you...

Why you've GOT to own gold—the sooner the better!

I know, buying gold is a scary step for many people—especially seniors. So I want you to look at it another way. Every last dollar, in every last account you own is just a PROMISE from the politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists in Washington D.C. It's a promise that they will manage the economy and spend wisely so your dollars still have buying power in every corner of the planet—for as long as you live.

A promise from a politician? A promise from Washington?

Barack Obama... or a bar of gold?

Which would YOU rather trust for your future?
Barack Obama... or a bar of GOLD?

Once upon a time, dollar bills used to be really worth something. They even included the wording: "Redeemable in gold on demand at the United States Treasury..." Once the word "gold" was dropped in the 1930s, the dollar became almost worthless—a mere promise from our politicians.

Tell me honestly, would you rather bet your future on a promise from Barack Obama (or any politician) or a bar of gold? Do I really have to answer that one for you? You KNOW this makes sense, but I'll bet you're still hesitant about buying gold for one more reason...

"Bob, if I give up my CDs and investments,
I'll lose my interest income..."

Gallup Polling Data:
Government is NOT the solution.
Government is the PROBLEM.

Gallup recently asked Americans: Do you think the Federal government poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens? Nearly five out of 10 said YES. If you're one of the five enlightened Americans, we urge you to try The Bob Livingston Letter™ completely risk-free, and join your fellow citizens in protecting your wealth and health from creeping government control. And claim your guide, THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST absolutely FREE!

That's a great point and I completely understand. That's why I want you to send for your FREE copy of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST and hear me out. Once your free copy arrives, you'll see the naked truth about your so-called safe investments. Until your FREE manual arrives, here's a simple fact. It's called the "Gold-Suit" index...

  • In 1939, you could buy a VERY nice suit, plus two pairs of pants and a vest for about $36... the same price as an ounce of gold. Today, 73 years later, you can STILL buy a great suit, two pairs of pants and a vest with an ounce of gold (which is worth about $1,700 as I write this report). So the GOLD retained it's purchasing power for over seven decades.
  • But suppose you SAVED those $36 in a piggy bank? Today, they wouldn't even buy you a decent tie. Your purchasing power has vanished.

I know it's reassuring to see interest or dividends pile up. You simply have to realize those numbers represent a PAPER promise... just SMOKE AND MIRRORS. If the real inflation rate is closer to 12 percent (as I explained earlier), you're losing money with every tick of the clock.

Look at it THIS way:

Gold's 10-year annualized REAL return is 16.8 percent. In the roaring bull market of the 1990s, American stocks managed a return of just 14.8 percent.

It's just a fact: Gold is just THE smart thing to own in these crazy times. The Chinese believe it... and so does every other country on Earth that's trading with GOLD instead of dollars. Don't be a clueless victim of government fraud. Be SMART. Buy GOLD. Your FREE manual will show you how to do it the RIGHT way—so your wealth is safe and secure. You'll discover...

Government Out of Control!
This woman is a
according to a
Wisconsin judge...

A Wisconsin judge has ruled that it's illegal for a farmer and his family to drink the milk from their own cows. In his own word, farmers..." NOT have a fundamental right to consume milk from their own cow..."

Excerpted from a recent issue of The Bob Livingston Letter™. You're invited to try the next monthly issue completely risk-free, and receive 4 FREE Bonus Guides.
  • Why all gold is NOT created equal! Some gold is far more readily accepted than others, and when hyperinflation hits, you need to be holding the most accepted forms of gold.
  • SURVIVAL KEY #1: Buy The WORLD'S PUREST GOLD COIN. It's NOT from the USA. It's minted from .99999 fine gold and it's available in multiple sizes less than an ounce—so it would be accepted ANYWHERE. It's also minted by one of the most stable governments on Earth.
  • Popular gold coins that are filled with COPPER. You need to know this BEFORE you make your buying decisions.
  • The TRUTH about buying gold bars. They're usually less costly than the one ounce coins and the smartest choice for you is... (named in your FREE manual). We'd love to give you complete details here, but you need to see the FULL story before buying.
  • The WORST possible type of gold investment. The gold content varies widely and you NEVER really know what you're getting.
  • SURVIVAL KEY #2: How to legally protect your financial privacy from the prying eyes of the IRS. It's true, the IRS rules give the government almost unlimited access to your accounts. But you CAN stop them! For instance, you can open a non-interest bearing account at a bank (using a trust that does NOT have your name or SS#), and then make purchases using a MasterCard or VISA debit card. Since no interest is paid, no 1099s are filed, and your purchases are completely private. Your free copy of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST explains exactly how to set up the trust.
  • Local gold dealer or the Internet? Local dealers can give you confidence you're shopping with a legitimate business and if you buy with cash, your privacy is assured. You CAN buy from reputable dealers on the Internet, and we'll help you identify the trustworthy brokers you need. (Again, we have NO financial interest in any dealer!)

BEYOND GOLD, it's smart to diversify your investments OUTSIDE the United States. (This is SURVIVAL KEY #3.) When hyperinflation hits, you need to know that a good portion of your wealth is safely and legally stashed overseas. According to one expert: You should "get your money out of the country before your country gets your money out of you..." THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST gives you step-by-step instructions plus a list of the safest countries on Earth for your assets.

You'll also discover...

  • My favorite gold and silver mining stocks. They're dependable and have been steady income-producers despite the wild swings of the Dow.
  • How to identify a reliable broker that specializes in foreign stocks. Your current broker probably has NO clue how to do this right. And there's ONE way to trade that you need to avoid like the plague—so you need an EXPERT. We'll help you find one, and then protect yourself.
  • SURVIVAL KEY #4: Be sure that you have at least six months of prescription drugs on hand. One of the first places to be cleaned out after a crisis will be your local pharmacy! If you or someone you love depends on prescription drugs to live, you need to take this important step now.
Top 100 Items to
Disappear First During
a National Emergency
Such as Hyperinflation.
Are YOU prepared?

  1. Generators (good ones).
  2. Water filters and purifiers.
  3. Portable toilets.
  4. Seasoned firewood.
  5. Lamp oil and wicks.
  6. Coleman fuel (impossible to stockpile too much).
  7. Guns, ammunition, pepper spray, etc.
  8. Hand-operated can openers.
  9. Honey, syrups, white and brown sugar.
  10. Rice, beans and wheat.
Complete list continues in your free manual THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST. Request your free copy today.

Now that you've added gold to your wealth and diversified overseas—away from the Perfect Storm that's about to strike the USA you can think about PROFITING from an inflationary storm. If you have preserved your wealth wisely, there will be opportunities EVERYWHERE. Some examples...

How to make a fortune from the ongoing real estate BUST...

If you know what you're doing, and buy the RIGHT properties, you can build a stunning fortune in troubled times. How do you think the Kennedy clan made their money? Joseph Kennedy shorted the stock market in the 1930s and then began buying real estate when it hit ROCK BOTTOM. The same opportunities exist NOW—with even better opportunities to come soon.

In your FREE copy of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST, we'll guide you, step-by-step, through the entire process. You'll learn...

  • The shrewd real estate play that lets you cash in on bargain basement prices AND help guarantee your retirement income.
  • How to identify growth zones where your real estate will be in almost INSTANT demand.
  • How to cash in on foreclosures and short sales. It's easier than you might think—when we show you how.

Even if you've never considered (or have no experience with) real estate investing, your FREE copy of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST, will open your eyes to wealth-expanding opportunities you never knew existed.

Obama Declares WAR On The Rich...

If you think you're not included... think again.

The government considers anybody who has any assets to be rich. So even though you may not hit the salary levels Obama is talking about, your assets (a savings account, a pension fund, a home, etc.) are probably just enough to put you in Washington's crosshairs. It's called "means-testing" and it's how you'll see your taxes go through the roof—even though you never thought you were rich. The Bob Livingston Letter™ helps you see through this government lie and legally make your assets virtually invisible to the prying eyes of Uncle Sam. You're invited to try it risk-free and get 4 FREE bonus guides just for looking.

What you MUST do now to survive the first phase
of a hyperinflation disaster...

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how people react when the weather man says a hurricane is coming. They rush to the store and stock up on water, food, batteries and even generators. The shelves are emptied within hours.

It's exactly the same during a hyperinflation crisis! But YOU, and your family will be fine. Why? Because YOU followed the simple preparation guidelines in your FREE copy of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST. During the several months it may take for the country to recover, you'll have enough money, food, medicine and supplies to support your lifestyle. Just look what you'll discover...

  • The TOP 100 items that will disappear FIRST during a national emergency. Beyond just food, most people NEVER think of all these items as absolutely essential—until you can't get them (or afford them) anymore. Right now, they're readily available and still affordable.
  • How to decide how MUCH you need to stock up. One month's supply? Three month's? A year? There are THREE critical factors you need to evaluate, and they're different for every family.
  • The best food options for
    LONG-TERM storage.
    Lots of stores and websites are now selling military style rations, but there's a BIG difference in quality. Some tend to "scrimp" on ingredients and offer meals that might fill you up—but with ZERO health benefits. Here's what you need to know before you plunk down a penny.

Maybe NOW you can see why we are being FLOODED with requests for FREE copies of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST. It's a GIANT compendium of the uncensored, unapologetic, unadulterated TRUTH about the state of our union today.

What you've read here is just a tiny GLIMPSE of the wisdom this manual puts at your disposal. You'll also discover...

Government Out of Control! California Couple Fined $300 for Praying at Home

Chuck and Stephanie Fromm were fined $300 and ordered to stop holding a regular, Bible-study at their home. They also face additional charges of $500 per meeting. Their town considers this an "illegal gathering."

Excerpted from a recent issue of The Bob Livingston Letter™. You're invited to try the next monthly issue completely risk-free, and receive 4 FREE Bonus Guides.
  • ON GETTING V.I.P. MEDICAL FOR NEXT TO NOTHING OR EVEN FREE: You'll see how to get prescription drugs, eyeglasses and contacts, medical supplies, and even prescription drugs for a fraction of the prices that others pay.
  • ON MAKING YOUR INCOME LEGALLY INVISIBLE TO THE IRS: You'll discover how to legally convert personal expenses into NON-TAXABLE compensation. How to erase up to $7,500 from your next tax bill.
  • ON RETIRING RICH: Yes, it's STILL possible. We'll show you how to safely put your assets OUT of Uncle Sam's reach... how to guarantee your heirs pay ZERO tax on your estate... and much more. For example: We'll demonstrate how Swiss annuities can generate LIFETIME income (free of turmoil in the USA) and they are NOT required to report anything to foreign entities. This is SURVIVAL KEY #6!
  • HOW TO RECESSION-PROOF YOUR JOB AND YOUR BUSINESS. You'll learn the seven invisible danger signs that your job is in jeopardy (and how to dodge the bullet). How to be "PRE-ACTIVE" and make yourself indispensable. How to earn more money without asking for a raise. And MORE.

If you spent $75 for your copy of THE UNCENSORED SURVIVALIST, you'd call it a bargain. If you spent $50, you'd call it a steal. If you spent $25, you'd be thrilled. But NONE of those prices are for you. You're going to get your copy completely FREE. All I ask is that you request your FREE copy today—while we still have supplies in stock.

Why on Earth am I doing this? It's simply the best way I know to get you ALL the information you need to survive the coming crisis in ONE giant source. It's also a great way to introduce you to the The Bob Livingston Letter™ completely risk-free.

You see, ALL of the information in this report was taken from recent publications researched by my team at The Bob Livingston Letter™.

Your ONLY defense against the growing
government assault on your money,
your privacy, and your independence...

While the Fed dutifully drains your wealth by printing money in secret. And politicians from BOTH sides of the aisle tighten the noose on your liberties, a tightknit group of shrewd Americans are quietly preparing for the crises ahead—by making The Bob Livingston Letter™ an integral part of their daily lives.

It's a virtual underground network of smart people who see the trouble ahead, and refuse to become victims who are dependent upon the largesse of a ruling political class. That's one reason why our readers are quite likely the most LOYAL in publishing history. Another reason is that we cover EVERYTHING that has real meaning and impact on your quality of life.

That includes your money, your job, your business, taxes, retirement planning, Social Security, investing, insurance, personal privacy and liberty, travel, recreation, estate planning, college-planning, self-defense, home security, healthcare, hospitals, health insurance and my own personal favorite: NATURAL HEALING. Why? Because your LIFE, or the life of someone you love may depend upon your ability to...

Stay OUT of a healthcare system that KILLS 195,000 innocent men and women every year...

Not too long ago, an independent study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, concluded that an average of 195,000 people die every year because of PREVENTABLE medical errors. That makes our MEDICAL system one of the leading CAUSES of death in America today.

My OWN experience confirms these statistics! Before the age of 40, I had THREE heart attacks and THREE surgeons told me "I was a ticking time bomb" and that I'd surely DIE without surgery. Being the natural skeptic that I am, I did my own research and discovered NATURAL ALTERNATIVES to the drugs and procedures they told me I needed. The result?

More than three decades later, all three surgeons are DEAD, but I'm happier and healthier than ever...

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I'd be willing to bet that virtually ALL of the popular press you hear about medicine and staying healthy is privately PUSHED by drug companies, paid-for politicians and government bureaucracies. If a natural cure works BETTER than a drug, it's BURIED by the media and discredited by phony studies. Here are some examples from your free bonus...

Who says salt triggers high blood pressure?

A recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that people who ate LESS salt were MORE likely to die from heart disease. In fact, when they say that too much salt will cause high blood pressure plus kidney and heart problems, they're completely WRONG. Even more remarkable, when you switch to a more natural form of salt, the health benefits are truly stunning.

Mike A., a loyal reader of The Bob Livingston Letter™, had been suffering from crippling arthritis for years and his doctors were stumped. Then he read about this natural salt in one of our monthly issues. "In just 15 days after using it daily the symptoms began to recede," he reported, "Within a month, I was good as new!"

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  • Mother Nature's miraculous antiblood-clot insurance. It's a 1,000-year old Japanese secret you should take every day to avoid clots and strokes.
  • The magnesium miracle for asthma and bronchial problems.
  • The "licorice" remedy for IBS and digestive problems. One of the world's foremost natural healing doctors has identified NINE nutrients—including licorice—that heal stubborn digestive problems like NO medicine can.

Naturally, your FREE copy of The MD's Treasury of HUSHED-UP HEALING MIRACLES, includes DOZENS of easy-does-it remedies for over 50 common conditions including, heart problems, blood pressure, cholesterol, anti-aging, memory problems, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, arthritis, immunity and SO much more. No WONDER it's our most POPULAR new health guide EVER.

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The book was so controversial, the author was arrested and jailed—and his brilliant exposé was shoved right where the government wanted it—in the anonymous dust bin of history. It lay there, out-of-print, for decades until one of our editors stumbled upon a copy with tattered, dog-eared pages.

Then he began to read. Within minutes, it became clear why this lost book had been suppressed and even censored. It was bursting with untold secrets SO powerful they were like kerosene—ready to ignite at the slightest touch of heat. Page after page was filled with information that exposed the greatest government scandal in modern history—a money-robbing scheme that still exercises unfettered power even today.

"Oh no, that can't be true," you'll say to yourself as you begin reading. But it IS true.

The Rosetta Stone of American Politics...

Just as the Rosetta Stone helped us finally translate the mysterious hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt, this remarkable text helps YOU translate government doubletalk into ordinary English. All of a sudden, our economic crisis and today's political propaganda will make PERFECT sense. You'll recognize the lies being told. And you'll be able to prepare yourself and your family for any crisis to come.

I'm delighted to say that—in an exercise of our constitutional right to free speech—we have acquired the EXCLUSIVE rights to re-publish this masterpiece and bring it to America again.

It's called The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars, and it was written by a West Point graduate and Air Force Officer named Lloyd Darland in 1977.

Mr. Darland was a union member, a construction worker and even a project officer (with TOP SECRET clearance) working with nuclear weapons. In short, he was a man of honor who loved and served his country—and defended the Constitution of the United States.

It was almost inconceivable that a man like this would someday be arrested—and ultimately jailed for defending freedom. But it happened. And you need to know WHY...

A secret meeting on an island off the coast
of Georgia that changed the world...

On a dreary November night in 1910, a secret society of government elites and five of the wealthiest individuals (who controlled one-fourth of the world's wealth) held one of the strangest meetings in all of history.

The setting was Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia—a private retreat open to only the world's wealthiest financiers. There is no transcript of what was said inside the oak-paneled library filled with cigar smoke and brandy. But we DO know what happened on that dark, stormy night...

It was the creation of what we know today as the Federal Reserve Bank—a private entity created specifically to manipulate the financial lives of BILLIONS of people worldwide.

It wasn't legal, but they did it. It wasn't ethical, but that wasn't even worth mentioning. Yet it surrendered control over every penny you ever made (or will make) in your lifetime to an inner circle of moneygrubbing elites.

Do you understand how the
Federal Reserve works? Do you really?

Most people don't really understand how the Fed works—even though it's as intimately connected to your life as the weather itself. And that was Lloyd Darland's "crime." Mr. Darland created the easiest and most eye-opening explanation of the Fed's inner workings in publishing history. His masterful use of simple examples and metaphors lift the veil of secrecy that shrouds the Fed once and for all. That's why, within 100 HOURS of being published, the Secret Service paid a visit to Mr. Darland's home. Why? Because he explained...

  1. Why the Fed was completely unconstitutional.
  2. How you can legally work around the Fed, and render them impotent to control your money—and your life.
  3. How inflation REALLY works and how the Federal Reserve uses it to steal your money.

He also demonstrated why it's absolutely LEGAL to NOT use the dollar in conducting your daily business! And he explained how our "progressive" tax system was deliberately set up to create a dependent class of people that vote the way Washington wants.

YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK NOW. Today, more than 30 years later, it's more relevant and URGENT than ever. That's why I want to send you a copy (a $39.95 value) absolutely FREE!

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